You are a small/medium business that is involved in automotive and would like to enter the motorsport world. Maybe you are an individual with passion for racing cars and would like to take part to your first race. You can be a big organisation that needs consulting and guidance into organising motorsport events or simply need brand activation. You are also a client that is not involved in motorsport nor will be but need marketing/promotion guidance. Yes you have a soft spot for motorsport. Well if you are none of the above clients: we welcome you and we are excited to work on an alternative project. If  instead you fall in one of these categories, well...we have either already worked together or maybe with one of your competitors.


Now you are going to ask yourself: are we the right company for you? Is CTC too big or too small? Are they capable to undertake such a complicated project? Do they have track record of marketing/promotion? Are they geared up to organise our event? Are they international enough for our variety of clients? Are they digital enough? Do they understand our company objectives? If I were to say yes to all of these questions at the same time it would a big lie. I can instead reassure you that before quoting on anything, we will make sure to discuss with you a comprehensive plan and an efficient solution.